Myth And Reality Of Online Casino

The casino world has its history and legends within it. Fantasized for many, the world of gambling has nourished literature and cinema. From the poker table in a destroyed saloon that ends with a rifle butt, to casino robbers, we haven’t seen everything about casinos. From this sulphurous aura was born a myth around casinos. Sulphur attracts all the elves on the planet and from Macau to Vegas, the world is in a rush.

The hardcore casino kept an advantage over online casinos because psychologically their materiality reassured the players. Having your token bucket, staff on hand and seeing the dealer builds confidence rather than throwing a one-click wheel into cyberspace. Most of the myths about online casinos are myths that you will find for online trading. Online casinos are precursors of online business. The first one was born in 1995, in France we were still looking for Lula on the minitel.

So the day when online casinos became a matter of course, people were not ready, legislation even less so and it must be said that at the dawn of Igaming, some myths were born from a fairly certain reality. So you won’t be told we were there first, but we arrived just before the boom as players. Myths have seen flesh and blood, reality has also evolved to give birth to the world of Igaming today. One could say that the myths come from prehistoric times and that today we are enlightened by holy technology. Move along, there’s nothing to see. Of course not, of course not. First, we like myths, they give density, matter and let the imagination work. Secondly, myths are and will remain so because you will be vigilant. And thirdly, some myths have become so over time… So let’s take a look at these myths.

The myth about reliability

So reliability has long been a major problem for casinos. In fact, they were at the dawn of new technologies. The first online casinos required a bandwidth resource that most connections, such as 65k, could not manage. It was a lot of lags, beuget other joys. Put money into it under these conditions – most of them were impossible. So we were entitled to a download of game software. It was long and if it limited compatibility and lag problems, connections were random. Now, I’m talking about a time when Google wasn’t even born in people’s minds, Yahoo ruled the very small world of the net and you could hear a phone number when you connected. Smartphones had been around in Star trek since the 1970s, but in real life, you needed a briefcase… Anyway, anyway. The myth of the unreliability of online casinos was born at this moment and to persist until the technology could adapt to online games. It’s a bit like installing a 2018 hit on a Windows 95. Most people would say that the game doesn’t work