Online Roulette: Become An Expert On The Best Casino Game

Playing a game and making money is the dream of many. It can become a reality with a little work. Did you think that online roulette was a game of chance? It’s actually more than that: it’s a game that mixes a bit of luck, complex odds calculations that dictate an elaborate strategy.

Here, we’ll tell you everything to help you discover roulette in a new light, but also to give you the keys to the best online casinos where you can enjoy the best roulette games. Welcome to our special guide dedicated to roulette. Roulette: discover the history of the historic casino game that has seduced the world.

Let’s start this “roulette guide” with a little historical reminder. Roulette is a very old game, the origins that we lend to it are various: some think that the game was invented by the Chinese, others by the French, or by the Italians. He had indeed tried to lay the foundations of the mathematical calculation applied to roulette.

The game is actually appeared in France, in the high spheres of the society of the time, the seventeenth century. Imported in Italy, then firmly installed at the casino of Monte-Carlo, the game of roulette will become a phenomenon in the United States, during the conquest of the West.

With the advent of internet and online casinos, the different variants of online roulette are now available to everyone. The game of roulette online is identical to the one encountered at the land casino, with many more possibilities.

Now You Can Play Roulette Online: All Variants And Games

European roulette, American roulette or English roulette: the variants are multiple but do not change dramatically the foundation of the online casino roulette game.

You find each time the same elements: the table, the ball, the wheel (also called cylinder) and its boxes, the carpet, the stake and the dealer. What changes are the probabilities of gains between each variant. Know that now, for each variant, you can choose between thousands of different games, to the delight of the players.

If we can give you a first advice, it is the following: the Americans have added to their variant a box “double zero”: it equates to a zero gain for players, it greatly benefits the casino! If you can, instead choose a European roulette game, your chances of winning against the bank will be greater.